Where do you want to go with your girlfriends? 
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Q: where do you want to take your girlfriend?
  • Tao: to the beach, the beach near my hometown QuinDao
  • Baekhyun: to my grandmother's place in Yangdo, Gyunggidoh to eat sweet potatoes together
  • Suho: to Apgu, which is where my house is
  • Xiumin: I don't need to take them anywhere because my girlfriend is here already! *motions to the crowd*
  • Kai: into my arms and snuggle with her
  • Luhan: uh...
  • Lay: they said everything already!! T^T
  • Kyungsoo: wanna come to my place?
  • Sehun: to an EXO concert, but we're here already so...
  • Chanyeol: EXO planet!
  • Kris: GALAXY
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“런” (Run) live at EXO’s COMEBACK SHOW

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[NEWS] 140415 - EXO, ‘Overdose’ Album Release on the 21st.. Music Bank comeback on the 18th




For the second time, EXO is releasing a mini-album, ‘Overdose’ on the 21st.

With this new album, as EXO-K and EXO-M will be promoting in Korea and China at the same time, two versions will be released, consisting of EXO-K’s version in Korean and in Chinese, of EXO-M’s version. 

This mini-album’s title song is ‘Overdose’ and it will also include five new songs of various genres, ‘월광(Moonlight)’, ‘썬더(Thunder)’, ‘런(Run)’, ‘러브 러브 러브(Love Love Love)’. The Underdogs, Kenzie, Yoo Han Jin, etc. domestic famous hit-makers  participated in the album, raising its’ completeness even more.

While EXO-K is revealing their comeback by appearing on music programs starting from the 18th on KBS ‘Music Bank’, to the 19th on MBC ‘Music Core’, and the 20th on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ etc., EXO-M has plans to have a comeback press conference in China on the 19th. In addition, they plan to show their first stage on first ranked Chinese music program CCTV ‘Global Chinese Music charts’. 

EXO will hold their ‘EXO Comeback Show’ on the 15th at 8PM at Seoul Jamshil Indoor Arena together with Samsung music. The comeback show is planned to be streamed live through  Samsung music app and Samsung music PC webpage (http://music.samsung.com/exo).

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(NEWS) EXO’s 1st Japanese event was attended by 100,000 fans over the span of three days.



we are one!
we are the exo fandom!

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