Yixing: “All our rehearsals before consisted of 12 persons, already completely formed. Practicing for a few months, the last week could have been used for polishing. When suddenly a person left, the front looks empty. Like a pizza was missing a piece, originally 6 then became 5. We need to fill up the missing piece so we must constantly change formation. That one week, we had to start at 9 in the morning, practicing till 6, the next morning. The K kids cannot even rest, they had to go to broadcasting stations for (Overdose) promotions. M would briefly go back to the dorm to recharge and then return back to the company. Repeat, repeat, this went on for a week. This mental torture and physical exhaustion, this is how the members support each other, encourage each other. This is the most unforgettable memory.”


[Contemporary Pop Magazine] Question: The week before the concert as we all know was very hard, what was the most difficult part of it?

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Member reactions to taozi’s unique washroom habit

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that this little boy here is manly..


that this cool guy here is a certified artist..


that this squishy thing here is a minion of satan..


that this handsome is the maknae..


that this cutie here is the eldest..


that these adorable dancers are sexy gods..



that this bad ass walker is a crybaby..image

that this is the leader..


that these are the dancing machines..


And lastly only we know that this sexy guy here is the puppy..image

And yes they are an idol group..


You don’t believe me ehh?



Luhan Solo Rehearsal Featuring: Sehun, Yixing, Jongin and Chanyeol TLP Chengdu 140705



hahaha remember mama era when the youngest members were still not legal and no one was dating no one thought about leaving and there were no movie offers ahahahaha good times ahaha no that’s not a tear 

I came out to have a yehet time and I’m honestly feeling so kkaebsonged right now

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Prince EXO

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[060714] Lay’s Weibo Update


"My thoughts after watching a part of Happy Camp. These are also my heartfelt words."


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What exactly does EXO mean to you?

Does it mean we hate when Kris leaves, or we sign a petition when Baekhyun finds love? Do we show them our presence through cyberbullying and hate messages, or do we smile and say, ‘"Kris, all the best!", "Byuntae, we support you!"’

There are a lot of ways to show love. It doesn’t have to be possessive. It doesn’t have to be fierce. 

It can be sincere, understanding and heartfelt.

Because as fans, we are more than what we are.

W E   A R E   O N E.

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