When you realize XIUMIN is the only ‘90liner left
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I promise you

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"i love you, i love you, don’t cry anymore." - luhan

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"When the skies and the grounds were one legends………………….."



You know what scares me a lot? That this time two years ago, we were begging for a comeback. That this time a year ago, EXO performed at the Seoul International Music Fair and there were rumors of Showtime. It scares me how fast we grew to love them, and how fast it is all being ripped apart. I’m scared of how much time there might be left. I’m scared for Kris, for Luhan, for EXO-M, for EXO, and nothing terrifies me more than knowing that two years ago no one would’ve guessed OT12 would become OT10.


years to come, numbers will drop down to otp0 but at heart we will all remember the days otp12 since 2012

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Friend: “Luhan wishes to be with his family.”



On the afternoon of October 10th, Sina entertainment contacted Luhan’s closest friend Gao Su Yao, and immediately conducted an exclusive interview with him. Gao Su Yao further confirmed with Sina Luhan’s reasons behind leaving, and revealed under Sina’s questioning that Luhan strongly desires to be at home and spend time with his parents, that is an important reason he decided to terminate his contract: “Actually this decision was quite sudden, it was when he was sick and returned to Beijing. Luhan really liked the feeling of living with his family, he’s been overseas for too many years, and never had time to be with his parents, the company also has strict rules about going home on vacations, even if he has no work he’s not allowed to go home….”

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A Letter To Fandom



A sincere letter from Chinese Luhan fans to fandom describing their stand.

1. If you’re a Luhan-only fan:

What is a Luhan-only fan. 

Only Luhan.

Luhan is the only one. 

Regarding the contract termination, whether you felt it a long time ago, and agree or somewhat disagree, or you found out just now and you’re shocked and confused. I hope you will understand immediately that this is a decision Luhan made. 

What type of person Luhan is, I believe everyone who follows him understands clearly. Any decision he makes is definitely after careful thought and consideration.

So as Luhan-only fans who only want the best for Luhan, the first thing we have to do is stand beside him and support his decision unconditionally. 

Using our fingers as a shield, using our words as a barricade, we will quickly build strong and sturdy walls for him, protect him against the harsh winds. 

Luhan’s movement, is our direction.

Wherever he is, we will be.

The meaning of Luhan fan family’s existence is to follow him, protect him, see beautiful scenery with him, and be with him during the rain and storm. 

Breathe deeply, I am already prepared.

What about you?

2. If you’re a fan of several members:

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